Asking For Help is not a weakness, It is a Strength.

I come across a lot of situations where people/families are embarrassed to ask for help.

Unfortunately, no everyone is able to ask for help. Most people assume that asking to see a Psychotherapist means that they are weak…when I’ve found the opposite. The people who obtain help and services are very strong. They are saying, hey I need another perspective, another head in the mix to help us so we don’t have to be stuck anymore. So we can grow, get passed the hurt, the pain, the ongoing suffering and make life what is meant to be for us, better.

Some wait until its too late and their loved ones are either are hurt or gone.

I have to say, I am proud of the families I have worked with through out my years in this profession. Most have been able to work though their issues, been able to accept that they are strong, tenacious, loving people who needed to get out of their daily routines that may have been causing them their ongoing distress. Not everyone is ready for services…and we understand that. Some have been able to be empowered and gain hope that their tomorrow will be better. Who learned to listen and be able to communicate with their families with out having to ignore them or cause themselves pain by restricting themselves or others by seeing them. Some have been able to recognize that their ways where not healthy, and others that their ways were fine and just needed a little tune up. A lot of people have been able to stand up to those bullies with out getting hurt. Others came hurt and left empowered.

I’m especially proud of the mother’s who learned that they are worthy. That they too can do and be the mother they want to be and have their children listen to them and they listen to their child. That being able to be the head of the household meant they learned to be strong and ask for help. I commend them all and I respect them.

So the next time you think that maybe a therapist person, not involved in your “messy life” would help, I will agree with you. Sometimes it takes someone to be able to see the whole picture, who isn’t there to judge you, but to empower you, to be honest with you and help you gain insight of your situation, provide you with tools to help you see what options you do have to get out of where you thought you could not get out of. To remind you that you are human and a strong person for asking for help.

I wish you well.

Smile (if you want)

Jes Sofia

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  • No one is perfect! Asking for help is a must. As humans we often think we can handle everything without help. Asking for help gives you not only another perspective but you also attain a possible friendship and more importantly you use your voice! If families stopped asking for help children would go without healthcare, food and many other necessities. In life we will always need a little push from time to time…great post!

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