America’s Mobile Makeover Month by RadioShack

Dying to have the newest mobile gadget but can’t justify the spend? Well, it’s time to trade in your old tech items! According to a recent survey, more than 90 million adults (18+) in America have unused, outdated, or unwanted technology in their house. In addition, a third of mobile phone users report owning unused phones — and more than half of those with unused phones own two or more.

Starting April 1 and through April 28,  RadioShack challenges America to dig deep in those junk drawers, climb up in the attic, and find that box in the back of the closet – then turn those unused tech products into store credit. Gather up everything from mobile phones and laptops to digital cameras and video game consoles and bring them to your closest RadioShack. Not only will you feel better about getting rid of unwanted clutter, you’ll also get the latest in connectivity and convenience at a great value.

During America’s Mobile Makeover Month by RadioShack, RadioShack guarantees at least $30 and as much as $3001 in immediate store credit when you trade in a working mobile phone and activate a new one through this special Trade & Save promotion. If your trade-in value falls below the $30 minimum, a store associate will instantly apply a $30 credit when you purchase and activate a new mobile phone. If your trade appraises above the $30 minimum, you’ll immediately get a store gift card good online or in-store. 

Through this and other trade-in specials throughout the month, an exciting Facebook and Twitter sweepstakes, and even a free App to find out what your products are worth – RadioShack aims to save Americans millions of dollars in just four weeks.

Get started at participating RadioShack stores or online at today. 

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