All Stressed.

As a human we carry a lot of stress. Everyone has different types of stressors. Some people don’t have a home. Others don’t have the ability physically to do something, others bear everyone’s issues, and others advocate or fight for your others, your dinner party isn’t going right and many others have different types.. All in all, everyone has stress. Some people need help reducing their stress, and that too is ok. No one is excluded. Just because you are or are not educated doesn’t make your stress any less or more than the next person. It just means that you are going through something and that in this moment in your life your body is reacting towards something that you are either going through or went through. The question is how will you work through it?

There are many types of ways people work though stress. Here are a few.

You can always talk to your doctor. You can talk to your psychotherapist. You can do both and integrate coping skills. (That’s what therapist call things that can help you reduce the intensity of behaviors, feelings and what not).

Here are some basic coping skills that can help you through until you have your doctors & therapist appointment. They will help you have an individual plan to help you through your stress both physically and mentally, they usually play hand in hand.

1. Wake up a few minutes early to give you “you time.”

2. Eat breakfast. Eat your recommend meals (talk to a registered dietitian).

3. Take a brisk walk with a friend.

4. Yoga? That’s my fav!

5. Breath 25 times (in through nose, exhale through mouth).

6. Read a book

7. Watch a happy movie.

8. Spend time with friends.

9. If your family doesn’t give you anxiety, spend time with them! 😉

10. Drink your recommend amount of WATER.

11. Stop drinking too much coffee. Some is ok, talk to your doctor about that.

And follow up with your doctors.

Making sure you get help and learning to ask for help only means you take care of you.

If you don’t have a doctor, Get Covered. You have until February 2, 2015.

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