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The #cause2012 conference in Santa Maria, CA on October 29, 2011. As you have read in my prior post this  conference was held at Allan Hancock College campus in Santa Maria. The #cause2012 an opportunity for social media and community organizing worlds to network, and learn from one another.  This conference was a lecture and workshop oriented (I conducted the keeping a healthy balance with Social Media, Social Justice and Personal Life).

Thoughts of the conference:

I was thinking through out the conference, social justice… and someone in the session said it “you are playing angry birds when there is a revolution going on.” And I began to think of all the small revolutions that everyone works through on a daily basis… the getting out of bed when its cold, or the poor kids that have no food, the children who stay at home with out anyone to care for them.. i can go on. I was inspired even more, granted I’m working on building a foundation for children who have chronic pain… but i was inspired to take it higher… to make the county, city, state, life and world wide know that there is hope for just about anything. Yes, I am an out of the box thinker, a dreamer and most of all a doer. By going to this conference I found an even more profound appreciation for civil servants, the social workers who are trying to find their balance, the community activist who is baring their feet, their souls to help the people who have ongoing struggles, the social media people who weary their eyes making it possible for you to read this…


Participating in this event was amazing. As I mentioned the workshop was based on keeping a healthy balance with Social Media, Social Justice and Personal Life. As I was educating. I had so many ideas funnel through my mind on what other ways  can help people and family through the education of finding your own balance… Because although many people say there isn’t a balance, I will say there is such a thing as balance… the word exist doesn’t it?  However, It may not be the same thing for everyone… everyone find their balance in their own ways. Finding a healthy balance only means being well rounded…and I don’t mean your hips…

So towards the end of the conference I found that everyone took with them a different aspect of what they chose to view. Some people where excited about their new founded knowledge… I found that I was excited to see a big group of people learning Twitter, Facebook and social media in general to help each other and others they have yet to meet.  Overall, the conference in my point of view was a success.

And to the team that created this even! Big ups! Giovanni! Jose! Cristina! Hilda! Jessie!and Jes… Awesome Job!

I hope you come to the next one…

Smile (If you want)

Jes Sofia

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