A Woman in Pain.

LYesterday while sitting at my doctor’s office, I met a very interesting woman.

She told me about her distress… she talked like no one had heard her in years! She began to cry about her experience: She said she was hurt while picking up a trashcan at work. She fell and broke the top of her neck. (OUCH!). Imagine that. Now, she doesn’t dare to do much because she is afraid of her pain. Notice, this is not one of my patients… just another passenger in this ride called life.

So I asked her, how do keep your life balanced if you’re afraid to move much?

Woman: I don’t have a life anymore. I’m always tired, my back is stressed out and I cannot move.

JesSofia: You do know that when you don’t move your muscles get tight and your pain increases.

Woman: I don’t care. I’m old anyways (60yrs old)

JesSofia: First of all, you don’t look old. Not is 60 old… Oprah is making it the new 40. Didn’t you know this?

Woman: Laughing… oh my goodness dear, your made me laugh. I have not laughed in a very long time.

JesSofia: I’m glad I can make you smile. So now what? You know that you can smile?

Woman: I had forgotten to laugh…

JesSofia: Like you said you forgot to move your muscles?

Woman: I see what you mean.

JesSofia: I Just want to tell you that whatever you have gone through or whatever you are going through. No one can take your power but you. You create your balance. No one else. At the end of the day what you choose to feel, feel it. What you choose to accept, accept. What you choose to Deny, Deny. It is your life to make it happen for you at no matter what young age of 60 you are. I wish you well and Next time I see you, if ever, I want to see you smiling.

This woman reminded me… that you create your balance, its an allowance you allow in your life. Things happen to us sometimes, but at the end of the day we choose how to deal with it.

How do you deal with your life?

If you feel down and you cannot get out of “the low” contact your local Support team. If you are threatening to hurt yourself, there is help.

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