A Balance: Social Media, Social Networking, Education and Your Life

Many people call Social Media/Networking a distraction of the education (lessons) life wants you to learn…

People run the world with the ability to obtain access to everything, very fast. One click you are there. I remember my path with Social networking… for me it was Yahoo Chat. I was 15 (dating myself much?) I was chatting online in school with my girlfriends…we would then play volleyball and talk about the “weird” people we had met online. Yet, we were excited to go back and find out more about them. It was exciting.

At age 17 I was meeting friends all over the globe. I was now talking to them, Communicating because it was not enough to just chat with them all day, I wanted to hear their voice, know how they laughed… how they began.

In college… I was meeting with business people… networking. Making meetings and being aware of what life was bringing to me…even though I did not know it.

Now, I’m inspired. I’ve had opportunities to meet people I’d never in my dreams thought I would meet. I’m connected with not only old friends, but also new people that are making a difference in the world.

Recently, I was in Hawaii. Meeting up with a man filled with passion, and interest in helping Latinos, but not only Latinos, everyone. Which to me was awesome! And to tell you a bit of the Hawaiian-Latino Culture… they are not like here in the “main land.” They don’t care where you are from, most are educated and they seem to just be chill and open to help. No hesitation, you ask and you shall receive. It is a population like no other, At least to me they have been.

I’ve met people making things happen, make the world go round…it may not be the whole world, but the world of many others. This is what I appreciate about Social Networking.  I’ve met people that have taught me so much about life… so much about theyโ€™re pain, their past and possible futures. I’ve been street educated through social media (business wise); I’ve been educated by other’s lives.

Which brings me back to Life… As I sit on my super comfy chair, I’ve found that life is a treasure, and everyday I communicate to you, I find my insight about who I am, who I want to be and Who I am becoming I hope when you read this you find Insight on who you are, who you are becoming and who you want to be come. And are open to making life a better place for you… But please don’t forget that life with out living is not much of a life… The world is meant to be seen yes… but also touched and felt. So I leave you to make up your mind with this:
Adding all the wonderful “distractions” may make it beyond exciting… Or does it? Its your own point of view…tell me about it.
Smile(If you want)
Jes Sofia


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