South Beach Model Latina: Healthy Competition

South Beach is already one of my top favorite destinations I enjoy going to. It is like Beverly Hills for Latinos I think. Everywhere you go, you see hot men and women looking their best and enjoying the sun. So the fact that Latina Model was shot in South Beach makes much sense to me. Where else can you see Hot Latinas walking around in bathing suits in the city and have it be normal?
This year’s Model Latina will bring some healthy competition.
The ten hot contestants will be in their own competition. Having a friendly competition… it is never bad, I think. Not only will the Model Latina girls be competing with one another, the girls will also be defiantly competing for my attention. This year, the show was very kind and thought of giving us ladies some eye candy with Carlos Ponce!  
I repeat myself, this year I believe the girls will be in some friendly competition with the host. Meet Model Latina South Beach‘s sexy Inner Circle of Cool: Carlos Ponce, Ines Rivero, Franco Lacosta andJocelyn Pierce. Ooooh child! Defiantly sometime I am looking forward in watching.
So Tonight when you are “winding down” from all the weekend fun you have had this Memorial Weekend. Wind it back up and watch and of course enjoy your evening with nuvoTV’s new hot show Model Latina South Beach.  
Here is a glimpse of what you will see… it is so good, I can’t wait for you to see it HERE!
Then, after you watch, follow them on Twitter and Facebook to stay on top of what everyone is saying about the show… I can’t wait to get your response and tell me what you think!  
Keep it hot and Smile (if you want),
My post is compensated and in collaboration with nuvoTV and Latina Bloggers Connect.

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