Empowerment and Style: LatinaStyle Business Series Re-Cap

Wonder why women are admired?

I asked myself this question as I volunteered at the Latina Style Business Conference at The Hyatt Century City Plaza this past Thursday.  

I observed women of all sorts of  life’s paths: field, characters, attitudes, hopes, dreams, behaviors, thoughts and Styles. What I found out is that we are all different and all the same in our difference. What do I mean? We are women who want more from life, some, want more for self. Some, want more for others…and yes,  some wanting more for both Us and others. Any aspect isn’t bad.. it just is what it is.

Along with this simple observation. I also noticed two things, POWER and STYLE. Women getting together and making connections. You see, the power of a woman is more than her beauty. It is her emotions, thought and brain amongst many many other features. She is the entrepreneur, the singer, the artist, the mother, the fashionista, the SEO, The foodie, the CEO, the President, the chef, the cook, the homemaker, the political advocate… I can keep going! But I will not.

During the event:

 We were greeted by our Los Angeles Mayor, Antonio Villaraigosa. He spoke about greatness, being humble, and not forgetting where we come from…

We leaned how Verizon allows you to rub your  business from the palm of your hand.   The Speaker was Awesome and Lively!
    Personally I love Verizon! Did you know you can now take a pic of people’s business cards and they will be uploaded to your phone?


And Our Course of course! Stuffed Olive chicken. Carrots and Broccoli. Rice and A tomato. (It was a bit overdone). 😀

                  Host of Macy’s Runway… from 

               Project Runway’s  Nick Verreos

I enjoyed the fashion and the Normal sized woman portrayed on the runway. Its a first that I’ve seen on a “normal” runway. Along with Radio Celebrities Yesi Ortiz (POWER 106) and Roxy (Latino 96.3)

Macy’s gave us Fashion for the on the Go, stay at home, traveling businesswomen. Also, gifting us with a gift certificate at dinner. 

You see… When a group of women come together… Anything is possible. When ONE puts something to mind, anything is possible. This is what I gravitated from this conference along with the information taught, which was easy to understand. Moreover, what I was reminded was what I’ve love to continue learning …

That “Love [of what we do] is that condition in the human spirit so profound that it allows [us] to survive, and better than that, to thrive with passion, compassion, and style.” Maya Angelou

I hope you attend next years business conference.

Oh and did I mention I won a United States Postage in a raffle? It was fun! I highly enjoyed myself. Made awesome connections with women and some men that like to empower women.

Continue to do greatness in this world you human you. 

Smile (If you want),

Jes Sofia Valle

P.S. Thank you Tanya and Roberto for making this happen!

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