Apple Pie Feelings

I like to bake and cook when I’m having visitors, My friends will tell you. BUT…I also Bake or cook When I’m stressed. I tend to bake to distract myself (avoid) from the chaos I write about or feeling overwhelmed. It helps reduce my stress. Then My Beautiful neighbors get the pies and cakes. I get a slice too… but it helps me. I’ve found that there is always something that you can create that makes you ease your stress… where you make it to distract or avoid, eventually you still have to work through those feelings, “face your demons.” And when you do and feel them you can go talk about them and are able to accept that they not longer control you. Moreover, you can say that you have given them the time to (nurture time) to address them and really think them through instead of avoiding them or distracting yourself from then… you find your remedy. That and end up with a very good apple pie.

I hope that you find time to work through what you feel and have been through. Avoiding them only means they are still waiting for your to work it through. A lesson always comes back when your don’t learn it. Then End result is what you make of it.  Then…I end up walking like two miles just so I can eat my apple pie slice, when I could have just walked it to help distress. Isn’t it interesting what we do to ourselves? LOL

Talk about food for thought.

What will your end result be?

 Smile (if you want)

Jes Sofia 

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