Your Local Frontline Doctor Does Not Have One, N95 Mask, What You Can Do About It.

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I am scared for my friends. However, I’m way more hopeful for our Humanity. Most of them are in the Health Field, like me. Some are Emergency Room Doctors, Pulmonologist, general doctors…community doctors… you get my drift. And today I saw my sister’s post online asking for N95 mask. Quickly I ran to my laptop to write this. 

SO why are these such a big deal? They help doctors and medical staff not get sick and help people that help people. Per the FDA and CDC , they do not recommend that the public use the N95 mask as they are for medical health personnale.

In February the Gov informed the public to take care of self. With that came a lot of people OVER buying things they really “might need.” That along with N95 Mask and Ventilators. And now, the hospitals are missing out. Other countries have “report studies from China that FULL body suits, protective eyewear and mask prevent healthcare workers from contracting COVID19,” yet we have no healthcare workers protected!

If you do have medical N95 mask, gloves, protective gear, can you please send them to your local ER?

We will need our healthcare workers with the protective gear to help others, including yourself.

For a health care staff to pick up and For everyone’s safety, We will ask you for an email that includes: a picture of the items in your home that is not open. We will let you know if that is what local doctor’s need. We will give you a code, and the doctor will give you that same code at pick up. We will provide this information to the local police department for everyone’s safety. Just email “Protective gear.” Thank you!

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