Traveling: Drive Safe


So you are now vaccinated. Yet COVID and its new strands are getting hotter than ever. The world is slowly opening. You can now eat inside a restaurant. And you want to go to the placed you’ve wanted to go to for a Long time. But You don’t anyone’s germs.

I hear you. I got vaccinated and I did a small road trip up the coast and visited friends who are vaccinated. I had such a great mini-trip. And I check in with friends throughout the day. I even spoke to a lot of friends I had not spoken to in years! it was rather the release I needed.

I had my fanny pack with my extra phone batteries, hand sanitizer, alcohol pads, some mini Lysol…lol… and SPF15 when I went for a walk. It felt good. You are allowed to go out and enjoy life a bit. Just try doing it with fewer people and make sure if you do go alone, you tell people where you are headed. Have several friends booked to talk to while you enjoy your drive.

Be Kind. Be Great. Stay Safe.


Jes Sofia

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