Ten Things to Help Your Health and Mental Health…7 months into this Pandemic.

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So we are making it close to 8 months in a pandemic. This was defiantly not in my ten-year plan ya! I know this wasn’t in yours either. 

Things come to us for many reasons. This pandemic came in booming, and technology saved many lives with zoom, etc.… The pandemic also hurt, and there have been many losses. We have had a few losses too. We send Hugs to everyone who has lost someone. :-/ 

We are writing up ten things to help you keep going through this Pandemic, Ordeal. 

  1. Write down the likes of your day. 

People often don’t think, “It’s a pandemic; what do you mean good parts of my day?” I can tell you there are still a lot of good things in your day. There is a silver lining there somewhere. Breathing is a good start. By silver, I usually mean invisible because it’s hard to see when you have many people going through things, and you are like…. Ummm… yeah… pandemic. But hey! You can read this, and you might be working from home now, in your Pijamas with a professional button-down shirt on top. 😀

2. Think of the funniest thing you have done and draw it. 

Now… hey, now! I know how to draw the best stick figure laughing stick person. I’m for reals. Try drawing something funny you have ever done. And add your picture to the comments below. 😀 I think one of my stick legs has an extra limb… *shrugs*

3. Call a friend or a person you know. 

It’s essential to keep in touch with someone. Even if you are not close to that someone. Can’t hurt to call them. Now, I do have to say… if there was a fire between you and that person, be cautious. Know how to work things out by setting up a good and calm tone and communicating your positive thoughts and health needs for reaching out to someone with a fiery past. You can always do the old school and talk to someone at the park. But keep your distance and stay safe. Or you can call someone you are close to and catch up with. Don’t like to talk on the phone? Text. Or messenger someone. So many ways to communicate nowadays. Heck, there is still snail mail! 🙂

4. Read a book. 

Not everyone will read a book, but there are some excellent audible books too. I know the Library online has a lot of audible books. There are some codes you can use to get free books on Kindle too (I think, so I’ve heard, don’t sh0.ot the messenger, I have to double-check this… I’m going to ask you to check for me), but I got a free book this year on Kindle with some code… 

moving on. Oh yes, 4.2… moving around is a good thing and walking helps reduce the 20+ we have gained while sitting at home and avoiding people. 

5. Coffee. Tea. Water. 

Drink liquids that make you healthy. Alcohol isn’t going to help much after the buzz… water will help you clean your kidneys. Tea, depending on what kind, will give you some amazingness. Coffee… not many drink coffee, but if you do, don’t overdo it either. Make sure you have a reason to get up from your chair at least every 45 minutes. Water helps. It makes you get up and head to the potty. 

Walking helps your Bowles moved too. There goes that walking…

6. Volunteer at an animal shelter. 

They are allowing some volunteers. If you are allergic, we don’t recommend you do it. If you have a natch for getting bitten… don’t go. But if you are ok with being around animals, I’d say help out. 

7. Talk to your neighbor. 

Explore your town, go for walks around your neighborhood. Yes… this means walking or driving nearby. Yep! walking again. 

Talk to a neighbor. Make some small chats. If they are mean, do that face… you know. The side smile, half rolling eyes, and turn and say you forget to close your door, and the cat might get out. Now, if you are not allowed to have a cat… then don’t say that. Say, have a nice day! And walk away. But getting to know your neighbors can be a fun thing. I know whenever I’ve lived in apartments, I always make my neighbor an apple pie. If they don’t like apple pie or reject it, I can still eat Pie à la Mode. This to say, do something you love for yourself to give to another. Because again, if they don’t like it or say no, you have something extraordinary for you. :-p 

8. Write a blog. 

I have been reading so many blogs recently. I have to say; they make me laugh, cry, feel, and, most importantly, they make me feel like I’m not the only one going through something. People have time now to make something happen. Others are making something happen and have no time. Either way… it’s awesome to read. 

9. Organize again. 

So if you are like me… you have redecorated every room in your home. I’ve placed shelves, you’ve gone to the 99 cent store for those fake plants and made little plants for yourself. You’ve bought a treadmill, and it was longer than what you thought, and you had to re-re-rearrange your room, so you have enough space to sleep, walk and watch TV and had to mount the TV up because now the machine didn’t leave you enough room for doing yoga… you catch my drift. Organizing and telling things that they gave you no joy or joy can be very joyful. Mainly when you are throwing away socks that gave your dog lots of joy, and now they are Holy, I mean holey. 

10. Light a candle, make hot cocoa (because it’s getting colder now) and watch a Hallmark movie. 

Yeah, that’s it. We don’t have an explanation for that one. But you can tell us what you would do to chillax. 

11. Laugh a little… or a lot. 

Laughing helps you keep some sanity in this odd, odd moment in life. 



Here is my picture… 😛

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