Social Distancing is like…

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So we are people who need people. If you say you don’t need people… we will at this time rebate that. You needed someone at some point to be. 🙂 We all need someone! Unless you’re like a synthetic cyborg or something like that. We know Jes is becoming one soon enough with all her bionic-ness… but a true synthetic… give humanity a few more years on that one.

For now! You can social distance yourself 4-6 ft in distance please!

So while buying toilet paper today… there was a rude lady that did not give her 4-6 ft in line and the elder lady asked her to distant herself. The lady refused! Don’t be like that lady!

Please enjoy your time with friends online.

Please check on your friends online too.

Please call people also… everyone needs support in these times.

Virtual Hugs everyone!


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