Holiday Blues – Both sides of emotions

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Fa-la-la-la-laaaaaaaaaa eh…

Many of you are starting to feel it—the Holiday Blues. You are not traveling to your family because you are keeping safe and away from COVID. You are not gathering with your 25 other family members, and for many, you have lost your family members. We are sorry to hear, and we send you much love.

You have every right to feel meh, blue, angry, upset, and Sad. After all, we are human. And let alone all other feelings you might feel because of everything that is going on. HOWEVER, there is room for a little silver line.

While you may feel your body aches, your soul broken, or just plan devastated, you are also allowed to feel the other side of emotions.

What do I mean? You are allowed to be sad and happy. Angry and Calm. Blue and Bright. Meh and Yay! Sounds kind of too much, eh? This is true. It takes the body a lot more, if not the same amount of energy to feel either side of emotion.

Seppala (2016) noted positive and negative, high intense, and low intense emotions. How our body responds is why we may feel drained. For example, if you are sleeping a lot, you’re going to feel very fatigued and tired. If you are angry and just got done with a fight, you will also feel tired.

Let’s look at this MAP from this article:

So being these general emotions can lead you to feel fatigued, sometimes even energetic.

Suggestions to note for yourself:

  1. How does your body feel after you voice something?
    • This year, for many, they said, “I am TIRED of having to explain and repeat myself when discussing Black Lives Matter.”
    • Others felt Drained after hear and feeling things about COVID.
      • “Are we to the end of COVID yet?”
      • “There is ongoing Online; I’m so going to ignore everything.”
    • You are NOT alone. Many of us felt tired, overrun, burnt out, and many are still feeling it.
  2. How do you react to your emotions?
    • “I just want to sleep, much say.”
    • “Oh, call me when it’s all over; I’m going to numb everything out.”
    • “my stomach hurts; I’m so angry!”
    • You are NOT alone. Many of us felt tired, overrun, burnt out, and many are still feeling it.
  3. What are you doing to take care of yourself?
    • “I’m walking at the beach.”
    • “I”m reading books and starting to learn something other than everything that’s going on.”
    • “I’m talking about it with my therapist.”
    • “I’m putting myself first.”
    • You are NOT alone. Many of us are learning something new to help us during this time too.

HEALTHY Coping skills are beneficial during this time. We learn to better navigate our emotions, we learn to trust ourselves a little more, and overall, we learn to hold ourselves accountable for our emotions. Even though someone might have triggered them.

Talk to your doctor if your emotions stress you out and cause flare-ups with your illness or chronic illness.

We hope that we helped you feel ok to feel today. And we hope you learn to cope too. And we hope you allow some positive emotions to help you through your day. Be kind to yourself. You, we, have been through sooooo much in 2020! We deserve a hug.

Many hugs or Air High Fives to you.


Seppala, E. (2016). Your High-Intensity Feelings May Be Tiring You Out. Harvard Business Review Digital Articles, 2–5.

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