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Last year, I found myself reading a cute children’s book Be Bold! Be Brave! This book highlights 11 women who made U.S. history for their tremendous contributions to a variety of American industries.

This year, I enjoyed Fearless Trailblazers.  It discusses and shows Latino pioneers. I even learned something new! This was a cute education book to teach your kiddos about the amazing trailblazers. 

In Fearless Trailblazers there are  short descriptions perfect for a kiddo that tell about Astronaut Jose Hernandez, Musical Icon Carlos Santana, Playwright Lin-Manuel Miranda, Scientist Albert Baez, Baseball great Fernando Valenzuela, Civil Rights Leader Cesar Chavez, Fashion Guru Oscar de la Renta, Artist Jean-Michel Basquiat, Pioneer Journalist/Civil Rights Activist, Ruben Salazar, Actor Ricardo Montalban, and Politician Julian Castro (former mayor of San Antonio TX). 

The book is recommended for children ages 5-9, grades K-5th. I like it as an adult because it reminds, not only kiddos, but also adults, how awesome and how amazing people we’ve had in the culture. I can’t wait to read about more  amazing people and cultures in the incoming years! 

About the Author: Naibe Reynoso is a multiple-Emmy award-winning journalist and board member of the prestigious Peabody Awards. She graduated from UCLA with a B.A. in Sociology, and a concentration in Psychology & Chicano Studios. For more book release info, visit Con Todo Press https://www.contodopress.com/

The book is available on AMAZON and on contodopress.com

The book launches on Cesar Chavez day March 31, 2020 !

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