Covid Caregiving.

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“Now what do we do?”

This past year was hard! No, if or buts about it! I’m no exception. My brother got COVID-19 too. It was horrible!

I’m a helper, and for a moment, I felt helpless. But I put on my brave face and did what I could. These are some personal Caregiver tips that we did to help my brother. I hope they help you too.

  1. We made sure his doctor knew that he was sick from the second day he started to feel ill.
  2. We, the whole family, got tested. Thankfully we’ve been negative. It helped relieve stress when you know.
  3. Made sure we got everything needed to help him, water, gator aid, teas, honey, green juice, healthy foods, tissues, Lysol, his own bin of health, and toiletries.
  4. Bought an Oximeter (o2 meter) (get same or next day delivery). Bought some oxygen (just in case).
  5. He made sure he took his electronics to watch Netflix, HBO max, all his favorite shows while he was recovering in the hospital because he got admitted.
  6. When his breathing started to be affected, he was taken to the ER.
  7. We bought new inside clothes for his hospital stay because he needed non-covid stuff.
  8. While he was in the hospital, we disinfected his place. Floors, room, bed, living in anything area. Threw away any food that he might have put his hands on or coughed on. New Toothbrushes. Soaked combs and things in alcohol for cleaning.
  9. We fogged disinfected his areas of living with hospital disinfectant sprays. Anything material was cleaned TWICE. This so we could stay safe while we cleaned the home. We bought paper plates, bowls, and paper cups to give him food without contaminating cutlery and plates.
  10. After disinfecting, we took his laundry and put it into bags, but we did not air it, fluffed it because we didn’t want any possible covid particles to come on us—straight to hot water and disinfecting washing.
  11. We made sure we spoke, texted, face times 3-4 times daily so he wouldn’t feel alone at the hospital. We were silly and allowed humor to help us all heal.
  12. We spoke made sure we called the ER, COVID ER, COVID ICU, and His rooms nurses daily to make sure of his numbers, and we knew he was stable.
  13. We prayed. Our Friends Thanked God for his healthy recovery. We were specific to our prayers. Made sure we were ready for him when he was picked up to come home.
  14. He came back with an oxygen machine, and we made sure he sent his information to his doctors, and he wrote his numbers on a calendar, and he would send us his numbers 3xs daily. We made sure he responded in the middle of the night to take his meds in the morning the first few days until he was doing better.
  15. Again, cooked home-cooked meals (3xs daily) with snacks and used herbs and foods to help reduce his inflammation.
  16. He is now out of quarantine, on 1 ltr of oxygen. Able to talk for about 10 min without oxygen, and he can’t wait to go back to life.
  17. We all get tested again tomorrow.
  18. We are thankful for his medical staff, who was on it since they were contacted.

I hope this helps someone.


We bought all our things from Amazon, Instacart, and Trader Joes.

Thank you for prayers. 🙂

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