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Jes Sofia Valle

I always find it exciting to be part of something bigger. Something that brings awareness of the good in the human race.

I’ve started, along with an amazing team of media folks a campaign called #CelebrateHER100 for the Rose Bowl Parade Float.

It’s an empowerment Celebration of women’s 100 years of being able to VOTE! “CELEBRATING the 100th Year Anniversary of the Passage of the 19th Amendment which gave women the right to Vote” – Pasadena 2020

How amazing is that?

We will be working on posting a storyline of Empowerment, Strength, Inclusion, and My favorite part Diversity!

Check out @pasadena2020 and hashtag #CelebrateHER100.

Want to be a part of this awesome campaign?

Send a Video on your Social feeds letting us know Your Positive Story of When you first Voted! If you are a Supportive counterpart (a man) you can tell us how you Celebrate with us Women!

Please use #CelebrateHER100. Everyone has a voice! Let’s Celebrate it!

Have an awesome December!

Don’t have social media, you can Donate

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